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Bungalow Loft Conversions
Mid-Terrace Properties

Across London and surrounding counties there are rows and rows of terrace properties perfect for converting the loft. We typically work with period terrace properties, that upon first glance seem to have a small footprint, but the good news is that with the right design you can achieve a fantastic result.

Velux / Roof Window Conversions

The conversion of choice for many period properties especially ones situated in conservation areas. The simple and discreet roof windows, and low impact on external alterations can also mean a cost effective method of adding space to a property, and a valuable choice for those working to a tight budget.

Rear Dormer

Dormers can often be constructed without requiring planning permission and are an ideal way of giving that extra bit of extended head height. The size of the Dormer can vary if it needs to remain in keeping with the property and where a flat roof is not acceptable to the aesthetics of the house.

Detached / Semi-Detached / End-Of Terrace

End-of-terrace properties require the additional building up of the gable end wall, in order to give them the space required to create a room in the loft. This same process is often required for detached and semi-detached properties where the gable end roof is sloping.


The standard hip-to-gable conversion creates a suitable space for a velux conversion to be completed. Extending the ridge of the roof across to meet the gable end wall.

Hip-To-Gable + Rear Dormer

Once the gable end wall is erected, you are able to further expand on the space with the addition of a rear dormer. This addition of a dormer often makes space for an en-suite bathroom / shower room, or a second bedroom.

Additional Common Styles

London has a wide range of period style properties, each with their own unique style. Some of the cost common include terrace properties with side return rear extensions, and flat roof Georgian and Edwardian terrace houses. Whilst these types of conversion aren’t as common, the design, build and installation teams at Custom Loft have an extensive experience in producing them.


Building on from the rear dormer extensions the L-shaped return involves extending the dormer across the top of the side return at the rear of the property. When space is limited in Victorian terraces, this is a fantastic way of really maximising the loft conversion space.


The mansard is probably the least common form of loft conversion we complete. It often involves adding an entirely new floor to a flat roofed building, with large amount of head height.

As we have said 93% of our work is generated from our customers speaking to their friends and neighbours in the same street. For us there is no bigger testament to the work we do when someone refers with confidence and of course your neighbours and friends would have seen the works unfolding and can see for themselves the craftsmanship and the levels of attention to detail we apply to all jobs in pursuit of perfection
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